How to Do Less & Accomplish More

An On-Site Seminar On
Learn the latest scientific discoveries on how to easily motivate
employees and increase employee production!
Learn an easy 5 step process for optimizing organizational
The Benefits of Entrainment
Better Problem Solving Skills
Heightened Creativity
Better Work Management Skills
Heightened Intuition  
Better Interpersonal Skills
Better Team Interaction  
Better Classroom Behavior
Improved Test Scores
Decreased Hostility & Anxiety
Heightened Energy & Motivation
Enhanced Learning Skills
Lower Stress Hormones
Stronger Immune System
Better Health
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It helps to hire the best and brightest people, but new research shows
success is more dependent on Emotional Intelligence than on IQ.
Entrainment – a state of heightened analytical, creative and intuitive
abilities – helps maximize employee productivity while at the same time
matures one’s Emotional Intelligence.
Existing successful motivational techniques from the original ‘Hawthorne
Effect’ to modern techniques such as ‘Fish Tales’ are all based on “The
Entrainment Factor”.
It’s simple, easy to learn and helps create efficient and effective employees.
Learn how to classify employees into the four Entrainment Quadrants and
help your employees grow towards the desired behavior patterns with this
on-site seminar for your staff and management group.
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