Five Focus Areas For Corporate Success

Highly successful companies have a single, simple objective that is embraced, taught, and used as an
overall guideline in driving their business.

Walt Disney wanted to “place a smile on every child’s face”.

Successful companies understand what they do well, what they are passionate about and how to measure
progress against their passion and capability.

Time is the primary difference between strategic and tactical direction for most companies – real strategy is
very different from either long term or short term tactical maneuvering.  

Leaders are easily recognized; people follow them.  They may or may not be people in positions of
leadership.  Rulers are also easily identified; they want or have kingdoms and will fight for them.  People obey

Leadership is about setting and practicing the right example for people to follow.

Management: Productive companies practice continuous improvement.  Management is about a continuous
process of changing bad habits into good habits.  

Great management is not about fire fighting – it’s about being a “Habit Helper”.

Culture: People in high achieving cultures enjoy and are passionate about their work; more importantly, they
enjoy and are compassionate about the people they work with.

“Great teams always produce more than great individuals.”
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