New heterogeneous research in the areas of medicine, psychology, and
quantum physics reveals that how we achieve success in our lives, both
professional and personal, need not be a sacrifice of one thing we value for
those things we wish to have.  Success need not be achieved by sacrificing our
family, our health, our values, or our free time.  There is a better, more efficient

The entrainment factor reveals a simple approach for tilting the odds for
success and happiness  in our favor.
'Work smart, not hard' and 'do more
with less' requires superhuman
increases in efficiency.  To succeed in
abundance and happiness requires
more - it requires being effective - the
art of doing less and accomplishing
Entrainment – a state of
heightened creativity, problem
solving, decision making &
Emotional Intelligence – a key
ingredient to personal &
professional success – much
more so than IQ!
Groundbreaking research reveals IQ
does not necessarily correlate to
success and happiness.  Emotional
Intelligence beats out IQ as the critical
ingredient for personal happiness and
professional success.

We now know our emotional response
occurs before we have time to think
about our response, yet Emotional
Intelligence can be learned and matured.
Heart Intelligence – the
driving force behind
developing your Emotional
It turns out the heart sends signals to the brain
that the brain obeys.  New science shows the
heart has more than 40 thousand neurons
allowing it to think, feel and remember.  

Heart Intelligence drives our Emotional
Intelligence.  Our ability to influence our Heart
Intelligence turns out to be not only simply but
also physically, mentally and spiritually
beneficial – increased immune hormonal
activity, increased frontal lobe activity and
enhanced states of peace to name a few of the

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The Benefits:
-Better Problem Solving             
-Heightened Creativity
-Heightened Intuition
-Better Interpersonal Skills
-Better Classroom Behavior
-Lower Stress Hormones          
-Stronger Immune System
-Better Health
-Better Team Interaction
-Improved Test Scores
-Decreased Hostility
-Decreased Anxiety
-Heightened Energy &                
-Better Work Management        
-Enhanced Learning Skills
Our odds of success
dramatically increase
when we enter a
state of entrainment.  
Studies now show
that emotional
intelligence correlates
strongly to success
while IQ has little
correlation to
success.  The
Institute of
Heartmath found that
the heart actually
influences our
emotional responses
and that entrainment,
a condition where
the heart and brain
are synchronized,
increases our
creativity, problem
solving abilities, and
intuition – a place
where we enter into
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