Learn the latest scientific discoveries on how to help students achieve better
academic success & better classroom behavior!
We value IQ, but new research shows success in life is more dependent on
Emotional Intelligence than on IQ.

Entrainment – a state of heightened analytical, creative and intuitive abilities –
helps maximize student's achievements from test taking performance to
academic comprehension while at the same time maturing their Emotional

In addition, better classroom behavior, teamwork and work management
skills result, not only for students but also for teachers and staff.

It’s simple, easy to learn and helps create efficient and effective students and

This introduction provides basic information on understanding what
Entrainment is, the educational problems it can help with and the proven
educational benefits being enjoyed by others.

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The Benefits of Entrainment
Better Problem Solving Skills
Heightened Creativity
Better Work Management Skills
Heightened Intuition  
Better Interpersonal Skills
Better Team Interaction  
Better Classroom Behavior
Improved Test Scores
Decreased Hostility & Anxiety
Heightened Energy & Motivation
Enhanced Learning Skills
Lower Stress Hormones
Stronger Immune System
Better Health
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