Many find our spiritual path and our professional
path at odds with one another.  New scientific
findings now show that  placing our spiritual path
first actually creates the optimal environment for
professional and personal success.  

Let our seminars and lectures bring to your
church or group this dynamic message that
inspires daily practice of our greatest spiritual
Born to Win: The Science Behind Christ's Greatest Teaching
Science now proves the wisdom of Christ's greatest teaching.  Learn how
your body and mind is built to perform at it's optimum when you follow this
one great teaching by Christ.

The Entrainment Factor - The Science Behind Why You Were BORN TO WIN
God created the human body to function at optimal performance when
following this one teaching of the great religious teachers of history.  All
religions teach this same basic concept and now science proves how the
body, mind, and spirit function at optimal efficiency when we practice this
one teaching.

Individual Entrainment
Tired of sacrificing your life trying to find happiness and / or abundance.  
New scientific discoveries reveal how the human body is designed for
success -- we show you simple methods to tap into the powerful potential
inherent in our biological and mental makeup.
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