Unleashing your Emotional Intelligence
Want to be a top performer? You can. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) isn’t
fixed like IQ and research shows up to 90% of the difference between
outstanding and average performance can be attributed to Emotional

Come discover what Emotional Intelligence is. More importantly, learn how
to develop your EQ so you can be
more successful. Plus, mastering EQ also
results in a
happier & more satisfying life.
The Benefits
Better Problem Solving Skills
Heightened Creativity
Better Work Management Skills
Heightened Intuition  
Better Interpersonal Skills
Better Team Interaction  
Better Classroom Behavior
Improved Test Scores
Decreased Hostility & Anxiety
Heightened Energy & Motivation
Enhanced Learning Skills
Lower Stress Hormones
Stronger Immune System
Better Health
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Unleash Your Potential
90% of the
difference between
top performers and
average performers
can be attributed to
factors associated
with Emotional
Can Be
What is Emotional Intelligence?
To develop Emotional Intelligence you must
understand the five areas where your
emotions play critical success or failure roles:
- Self-Motivation
- Self-Awareness
- Social-Awareness
- Self-Management
- Social-Management

How Our Emotions Work
Our emotional response occurs before our
cognitive brain engages; thus, the key to
developing emotional intelligence lies in
understanding how our emotions work.

emotional brain triggers energy to either
cognitive brain or our reptilian brain.
Our “fight or flight” reptilian brain consumes
over 65% of our brain’s energy.

However, it’s easy to redirect that energy to
the cognitive brain to  increase our problem
solving, decision making, intuitive, and
creative abilities—our success skills!
Developing Emotional Intelligence—
and More!
Developing emotional intelligence is not a cognitive
process; rather it is like modifying habits. To
manage emotions, you must first master the habit
of emotional awareness.

Awareness of your emotional landscape greatly
simplifies achieving success and happiness. Master
these five fundamentals to effectively create the
habits and behaviors needed for successful change:
- Finding The Right Course
- Creating the Key Drivers
- Getting Help
- Taking Action
-  Monitoring & Rewarding

Don’t stop with yourself, apply these concepts to
an organization & realize incredible results.

The Missing Link
Publications and classes on Emotional Intelligence
describe how it can improve your life and career,
but often fall short in teaching
techniques to
actually mature your Emotional Intelligence—until

Discover how to increase your success in your
career, your life, or in an organization—discover
successful change.
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